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Where the crow steps...

Volunteering today was in Lings Nature Reserve. This was good as it's ten minutes from home. And doubly good as there were chocolate biscuits, mince pies and Alison's ginger cake.

Mainly I did shoveling. The earth had grown over the road. It was hard and hot work on a cold buy dry day. James and I cleared most of the road. He is a young man who has recently got a job with the Trust. He has a cat and a young cocker spaniel.

When we'd exhausted ourselves with the road clearing, we went litter-picking. Empty cans, beer bottles, vodka bottles, sweet and crisp wrappers, dog poo bags. It's kind of depressing. And a bit smelly. I had one of those things that you clutch litter with. Funny how leaves and twigs seem clean, a sweet wrapper seems infected.

A couple with two rescue dogs (they were astonished how much the girl dog, a rescue from Romania, liked me - usually she's scared - but she really did like me and I really did like her) who thanked us for our work and said how much they appreciated it. I felt all warm and glowy. (More so about the Romanian dog.)

Ian picked up James in the truck to collect one of the mattresses dumped at the site. I was worried about the homeless people but apparently if there's a 'camp' that looks as if it's being used, they leave it. These mattresses were just fly-tipped on the reserve.

I walked back through the trees, looking for the crows. Dave told me there were crows and I'd been hearing them all day.

I found the family you can't really see here pecking through the leaf litter.

In fact, you can see one. There were about six, all very quiet and peaceful. They seemed happy.

I heard jays above me, but didn't see them. James wanted to see the jays and I told him they come to my garden and if one sheds a blue feather I will save it for him.

I told him my CD stories and he was very patient.

And this morning and evening, I saw CD - with Droopy and Three. As for Diva, I also saw her, but decided that she must be a he as Divo (new name) chased his mate off the food. The little mater had to wait and sneak in when she could. That seems to be the way it is. Women crows haven't yet gone through female emancipation.

I know this from watching the Fluffies. Although Mrs has more power in her relationship than Divo's other half, Mr is still very much the master. She's also more wary.

Here they are in evening light. Mrs is looking, Mr is eating.

Merry Christmas from Crone and Crows.

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25 дек. 2021 г.

Merry Christmas dear Crone & Wonderful Creatures !! xx

25 дек. 2021 г.
Ответ пользователю

Merry Christmas, dear CC!!

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