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Yet again...

...I have given charitable donations to a non-malarial cause.

Bad Crone.

A month or so ago I watched Seaspiracy on Netflix. It was a tough watch, what with all the tortured fish and marine mammals. But I thought it was very good and, as soon as it was over hopped onto the Sea Shepherd website and set up a monthly donation. I'd like to know their analytics - how many people did exactly that. They could probably fund a new ship with the proceeds.

At the time, I thought I'd like to crew a boat - not that I have any of the skills they require. Actually, I don't have the skills anyone requires. I keep offering myself up to do PR or writing or podcast interviews to the animal types and if they reply they say, how kind. Now leave us alone, busy-body.

Even my current employers seem somewhat less keen on continuing what have so far been, I'd like to claim, mutually beneficial relationships. OK, I'm being a little negative, but it's not exactly smooth sailing out there. Be better off on the high seas. if they'd have me. Which I doubt. They'll be inundated with useful photogenic young people with transferable skills after the Netflix documentary.

As it happens, Seaspiracy has been criticised for quoting people out of context and using a wrong statistic. These are serious claims, but the producer, Ali Tabrizi, has responded to them... perhaps not entirely convincingly. Even so, I think his general claims stand: the oceans are in crisis.

And, look, I know about malaria, but I hand that over to the Effective Altruism movement. I'll focus on the whales and the dolphins and the elephants and tigers and the foxes and stoats. They're who I donate to. Sea, wildlife internationally and wildlife locally. Oh, and farm animals.

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