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So, this picture had the wrong exposure and the bird's head was hidden by leaves.

Same story for this one.

The first is, I think, actually rather lovely. There's a grace in the simplicity and geometry. In both cases, I boosted the colour which gives that jewel-like lustre to the blue. I cropped both - the first very heavily!

With the crow, again it was under exposed and too far away really. I made them a little darker and lessened the colour.

I really like that second one. I like how some stem in the foreground blurs out the tree and underside of the bird. I like the bird's pose, that fanned tail and turned head.

In this video, the beauty is less reliant on my fuck ups and more about a beautiful day and gorgeous creatures.

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May 13

Great examples of art that you can make when experimenting. Especially love the top image and the fan shape of the crow's tail. I love how you've got the birds in the branches at that special stage where the buds have opened and the leaves just started their emerging. Is the hoot hoot I hear the songs of pigeons?

May 14
Replying to

Yes it is. This was probably filmed a fortnight or so earlier than I have posted in - back end of April.

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