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Filmed on 1st May 2024. Yes, the scheduling is a pain in the proverbial.

Now that is all very good, BUT I still don't know who is the mother!

The first four pictures show Mottled Breast and the last two are, I think, Tiny. Now, she is missing feathers on her face, but I don't think she is the same as Scarface from the video a few days ago.

I saw Bobbit seemingly chase one robin out of the front lilac and I also saw him "speak" gently to a robin in the front lilac, but I didn't get a good view of the second robin on either occasion.

Bobbit, meanwhile, seems a very proud father!

By the way, when I was watching him, he picked up a suet pellet that he would normally eat, then dropped it and chose a very small one to take back to the nest. He knows they could choke baby birds.

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Jun 04

Glad to see the robins, especially Bobbit and his young one. I am moved by the example of Bobbit's fathering abilities - how he chose the small piece of food. xx

Jun 07
Replying to

I'm glad you posted the photos of Bobbit. He shines through in them. And I imagine that they remind you of how you two were so aware of each other and communicated with each other. A special relationship xxx

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