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A chase, a fly by and some close encounters

The whole video thing is getting out of hand.

I get obsessed. and now my phone and computer are rammed with random footage of rats, cats, foxes, birds, hogs and tangled bushes.

What's more, I can't even do my meditation breathing as I am too busy thinking, "I should film this!!" or filming it.

This is a problem as I am living vicariously.

So I didn't take my camera out. I just watched. I was treated to, guess what? Three rats together instead of two.

No, that wasn't all. A squirrel ate peacefully a few feet away with the blackbird drinking even closer. I just stood and watched. I watched Mrs B eating on the green box, before being terrified by the rats who were equally terrified and turned tail and fled. While Mrs B was close to me, she gently clucked to herself. All the blackbirds look at me with great care; they have such beautiful big eyes... the males with that glorious yellow eyeliner. I've seen the adult male very close to the juvenile - there seems to be no antagonism between them at all.

The little dunnocks hop around nearby - there are quite a flew of them and sometimes they are together, sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone. I haven't been able to tell the state of the lame one's bad leg.

The blue tits are always in pairs but the great tit and coal tit seem to come alone.

As for the starlings, the whole park flock seems to visit at times.

Sometimes, it's really noisy - everyone shouting and singing and warning. Then it will go silent for five or ten seconds and I have no idea why.

Sometimes the dunnocks are on alert and the robin is chilled; sometimes vice versa. There is so much going on and I am looking through a glass darkly.

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Ha! Great video. That Bobbit is one busy birdie!!!

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