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A FOUR hare day!!

No, not a hare: a form. And it was a perfect form. I wish the photograph showed it better! This was my second hare sighting - he popped up just fifteen feet in front of me, as had the first. The other two were a little further off. Three of them may have been the same hare, the one who made this form.

The soft, soft fur!

Both hares, assuming there were two, were in places where I had formerly seen hares. I think I keep frequenting the preferred places of these two individuals. In fact, the first is by one of my Sentinel Trees for the Observatree Project - and I only found that tree because I was following a hare. The other is the place where once a hare came and rested close to where I was sitting silently in the trees.

It was a pleasant day. No kingfisher - but I did see a stoat, near the place where I have on two occasions seen stoats. Animals are, it seems, creatures of habit.

This video has the song of a blackcap, a fluttering chaffinch - I think this may be courtship, a squirrel, and a brief sighting of a muntjac.

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