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A kid in the wood II

Updated: May 19, 2023

Actually, that was a very long earthworm.

I think it was a deep burrowing one. It was very slimy and very lively. The saddle seems to have bumps on it. I didn't have the ID book, but I don't care. It was lovely.

So was this.

Yes, it was a living, moving worm!!!

Oh, and that reminds me of a dear little chap in my garden.

As for things with legs, this is apparently Phosphuga atrata, a carrion beetle. He eats slugs and earthworms.

Now , this reminds me of what I have been listening to in the sounds book - about bees. So, we know bees communicate nectar sources with hive mates via the bee dance. What about that they decide on where to make a new nest democratically? That various bees recce sites and they come back and say how great it is and judging by their enthusiasm other bees decide that's good enough for them and as it were vote for particular sites - maybe there are more recces and by the end all the bees agree on one option and no one is resentful and everyone is ready to go. When they swarm, they function as a single unit of cognition in motion: a literal hive mind. Now scientists believe bees have language. Like us they understand symbolic representation. They have emotions and, obviously, they are sentient. Bees can be optimists or pessimists. Bees can learn and teach other bees how to perform new activities.

We bothered to research bees because we need them and they are kind of cute. There is no limit to what other capacticies they and other living beings have.

But, here's the thing, when the first bee guy, Hans Frisch, said bees communicate, he was laughed out the room. When Donald Griffin said bats echo locate, people said he was crazy. When the researchers wanted to use bio-acoustics on turtles, they were told "Turtles don't make sounds and don't have social relationships." WRONG on both counts.

We say as a default, animals can't, until proved otherwise. as Donald Griffin said, why don't we start with an open mind?

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3 Kommentare

16. Mai 2023

Good example of food webs amongst little critters. Wonderful photo of that carrion beetle with its striking armour. A bit of an aside but today Chip the chipmunk was sitting on a rock close to the house and slurping up something long just like spaghetti. It was darkish but I'm 90% sure it was an earthworm and I read that they are omnivores and yes they'll eat worms. And what you said about bees is very much a reminder to "start with an open mind".

Gefällt mir
19. Mai 2023
Antwort an

Chip used to enjoy seeds from the neighbour's bird feeder but she's taken down the feeders for the summer. And I saw a crow with a worm today ... so not easy being a worm.

Gefällt mir
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