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A list of things I'd like to do...

Sketch and paint.

Take more wood carving lessons.

See Iceland.

See wolves in the wild.

Carve bridge uprights into totem poles instead of dismantling them.

Coppice by hand and make products with the wood.

Pass my chainsaw course AND a chainsaw harness, tree climbing course so I could be cool as a very cool Crone Ninja.

Write more poems.

Write a book.

Know what to do with my limited financial resources.

Make excellent sourdough bread.

Improve a habitat.

Solve climate change for all the other species - the humans can go to Mars with Elon Musk.

Sleep better.

Make aromatherapy mixes that heal my friends and other animals..

Live somewhere where my cats could go out (assuming they didn't kill wildflife).

Live in the middle of Dartmoor or Wales or a Scottish island. Ideally Dartmoor.

See CD again and sit with her like I used to.

Make herbal potions that heal my friends and other animals.

Become a witch.

Get my Covid booster so Qatar will let me into the country in November.

Be able to identify moths and birds and trees.

Be able to heal my favourite tree.

Earn enough money to live in the style to which I am accustomed by doing any of the above.

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This is a fine list. I am imagining you climbing trees and pruning with a chainsaw!! I wish you all the very best with these To Do's. I wonder what my list would look like ...


Yes. I will start ...😲

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