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A little Crow story

You may recall a strange meeting I had with a Crow who simply walked passed me as if I weren't there?

Well, on the same track for a few weeks there has been a lot of cawing - Crows behaving as though the world is ending. Or that's how they sound.

Then one day I came along and saw five sitting on the dead top of a tree. Two adults and three juveniles. I tried to get a photo but as I pulled out my phone they flew screaming off. What I had been hearing was Crow Daycare or Crow Family Life - not the end of the world.

They came to rest on a tree a few hundred metres away - three, I think, on the top and the other two bitterly complaining - as you can hear!

There's a family of four near the Lodge on the Reserve. But in the park, still no evidence of young. And still no Seeds.

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