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A little news on Bobbit...

Getting used to the camera will certainly take time and I think that the creatures will take time to get used to me wielding it.

I was quite happy with these - though I did crop them.

And I poked the camera in the honeysuckle to traumatise the robin.

After that, I did a morning and an evening with no camera, to give them a break.

That reaped some rewards. Bobbit was more present. He flew onto the upturned chair to see if he could divebomb another rat. Sadly, there was no rat. And in the evening he flew close to subsing by me, which felt like a blessing.

I am used to the adult and the juvenile male blackbirds visiting. But this morning there were two females. I had only ever seen one (at a time?) before. One of the males made a strange new whistling sound. The tits seem to like eating above my head. It's nice to see and hear them.

And the fox is still visiting. Albeit briefly. Only three visitors on this night - the cat, the fox and, as you'll see, Bobbit.

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Good photo of the tit at the suet. Yes, Bobbit does look a tad bothered! What was the long thing the fox carted off? So Bobbit is quite the early early bird! Saw not the cat ...


I didn't put the cat in.

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