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A mixed bag from the Reserve

The first thing I saw when I went to feed the birds was a huge yellow fungus on the Wayfarer Oak. Which led me to examine the tree with great care!

A great tit was protecting his apples.

A duck was standing on top of the duck trap but decided to leave when I arrived.

I also startled two herons.

I realised that long-tailed tits are even more adorable when they are young.

I spotted swans being very pally with greylag geese and Canada geese with babies.

A crow was definitely eating something at the shoreline. Check out the before and after. In the after he has a full food pouch!

I saw a pond full of diving beetles. You have to wait for him to dive. I should have edited this.

And I had a meditation in a meadow.

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1 comentario

22 jun

What a great visit to the Reserve! Super duper video of the beetle! I will now watch for size of food pouch in crows. All sounds peaceful with the folks getting along with each other 😀

Me gusta
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