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A room with a view

There was originally a hide at this location, but it was too low and the floor kept rotting. However, the boardwalk was in good condition and the view was great, so that plan was to turn the end of the planking into a little screen from which to watch water birds.

This involved digging in four tall posts and constructing screens of feather boards, with viewing vents. It was then painted and we put up a sign to mark the new structure!

The base of the old hide will be dismantled.

One side has a lower vent for shorter visitors and all the vents are strengthened so that birders can rest their cameras or scopes on the edge.

See on the left the standing branch? It's actually been placed there! That's where, we hope, kingfishers will land!

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Sep 02, 2022

Well planned, and described with text and photos! I like using the branch to lure kingfishers 😃

Sep 02, 2022
Replying to

Great idea. Yes of course someone(s) will use it 🔭📷😎

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