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A well traveled path

This copse did not start my blogging journey: COVID did.

Yet it has played a part in changing the course of my life.

With COVID, I started blogging and was accepted to do the MSt.

As that journey progressed, I learned something about myself: I cannot argue for what I don't believe in and that not all I believe in is conducive to argumentation. I learned something about humans: we would rather know more, research more and say more than do much.

When I first explored this copse and found the leafing fallen tree, something in my changed. The Poplar's 'transformation magic'!

And so, I left the MSt and opted to volunteer three times a week.

During all this transformation time, I have worn a path to a tree.

And the trees whose resilience so impressed me earlier this year are now, it seems, dying.

But, the transformation magic suggests a new path - new life. In my garden...

Six little trees.

And now, a new path here too.

With the volunteering, the resumption of work and my culture project, I must conserve my time.

Corona and the Crone is transforming from a daily to a weekly blog.

Another hard decision, but I think it's the right one.

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1 Comment

Aug 13, 2022

A good post. I wish you well with the changes and new experiences. I enjoy your posts very much, so thanks. I am glad you are planning to still post weekly. Hurrah!

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