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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

So I had this great plan about how I was going to wow the markers with my empirical ethics project only to realise that my project wasn't actually an empirical ethics project. Then I thought, OK, OK, this is good because actually I now know what an empirical ethics project would be and it would be this and I had this new idea which I thought was ever better and that when they reflected on my incredible idea they would promote me to top-crone in the cohort and finally my dreams would be realised and I would earn my place as a super-hero of ethics (well, not quite as good as being a witch but not too far off). And then I started trying to write it and found myself bogged down and wittering away aimlessly down various byways and culs-de-sac and not really making headway on the Master Plan.


Trim the byways and cut the culs-de-sac.

Meanwhile, maybe I will go back to reading. Oh, reading, you say, isn't that a bit of a mistake? I mean, you say, I expect you have already read, what fifty papers and three books? Yes, and what of it? There are another two books and twenty papers calling me. Oh, Crone, they say, come here! I have the inspiration you're lacking.

Or else I could pursue my other Master Plan to become Top Crone. This is to collaborate with Katrien Devolder who does the Practical Ethics videos on a piece about ethical role models or education in football. And, of course, of course, the Premier League would give me these two particular videos I want, for free, to use on the thingummy. They're about No Room for Racism. Oh and maybe they have something on Marcus Rashford (he, in case you have forgotten, who has been campaigning to feed children who suffer through poverty). It would be so good and I would be a super-hero and the world would be my oyster and I'd just slurp it right down and laugh with delight.

Or something like that.

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