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And a bit more Bobbit

Bobbit and I share an interest.


But they are not his absolute favourite.

No. He loves the things he sees on the fence, creeping in the ivy.

In this video, I managed a neat slomo of him catching one. When he was very young, I'd see him do this but he'd sort of crash into the fence. I thought he might have neurological issues. Instead, it was just a matter of developing his accuracy.

Later in the film, I scrape up some leaves - with the robin watching on intently. He finds very small worms in the leaf litter.

On another note, literally, when I was feeding this morning I heard a blackbird subsinging in the bush under the front lilac. There was another in the canopy of the back lilac. It was wonderful to hear them - though they are so quiet.

The previous day - when I had fed Bobbit by hand - a male and a female blackbird were in a bush under the honeysuckle. Silently watching.

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1 kommentti

05. jouluk. 2023

Catchy sentence about "sharing an interest". Sharp close-up earthworm-wiggling in the first video!

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