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And so what to do?

It seemed right that I should return to the Bird Tree, and so I did - though there was no sign of a bird exiting the tree. That must have been a Beltane blessing.

Still, I sat on a stump nearby to do a journey.

Crow suggested I go to the Upper World. To prepare - this is in the journey not actually at the Reserve - I had to strip my human clothes, roll in dew, splash in the lake and remain naked. Hey ho. Then we climbed up inside the tree. Radamata was there. I said I wanted to meet someone who could tell me what my path is and what humans can do to make the world better. I met a rather handsome man - like the lead in The English - with a blue mohican. I asked his name, and of course it was Mohican Blue.

Now, don't go thinking that I want to have sex with a blue tit or anything, but I did have sex with the man - though I didn't see/feel/experience it - I just knew it happened and I was gravid [Gravid???!!- Ed.] and gave birth to a hare. I asked if this was a Power Animal. No, I was told, you have Crow. Hare is more of a daemon. You are Hare and Hare is you. It's just to help you relate to this perspective of you. I saw Hare circle the Earth and surround it with sort of wool, like binding it together. Then there was a bear and I asked what that was... did it eat me or merge with me? No, I was told, Bear is place - an omnivore who is seasonal and dens in the ground. Always wild and rather daunting. Bear is place and no one can be separated from place, that's why it was as if I merged with Bear.

So, I asked, you want bears back? Last time I was there, I had a message that the woodland would like boars, but not bears, so I was confused. Wondered if the spirits couldn't spell.

No, said the message. Well, not immediately. The place just wants to be allowed to be itself and be given the time to evolve into new life as it will do so. Like rewilding, I asked. Well, said the message, if you like, but we are talking generation upon generation so that the animals here - like badgers and foxes and muntjacs and roe deers - have the time to evolve to the size they should be to impact place properly. That's hundreds of thousands of years! I said. Yes, said the message, and??

So there you have it.

I was told that my role was to bear witness, to share, as well as I could. [Not "hare" witness? - Ed.] [No, and not boar either. - Crone] [Bore, maybe. - Ed.]

While I was in the wood, all around I could hear, under the birds and the anthropogenic noise, a crackling and sizzling like light rain on leaves. I don't know what it was... or if you can hear it.

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