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Biodiverse garden

I did get another picture of Squizz the squirrel.

Yeah, not great.

As for the birds...

No, you're right: you can't see any.

But I could hear them! The Merlin app recorded ten different species in eight minutes - and in addition, I saw crows and pigeons fly over who were not calling. Exciting too - as well as rmagpie, robin, starling and blue tit, the app alleges there were goldcrests, goldfinches (saw them) and greenfinches (possible), as well as white wagtails, yellow wagtails and a reed bunting. I am somewhat doubtful about the wagtails. I think it's a bit late for yellow and we are more likely to have pied or grey here. But I can't expect miracles from Merlin, just magic.

I have not seen or heard the hog for a while. As for the foxes, no more shits but the food disappears - mind you with three cats visiting... though I think the sausages are too big for cats... so I guess I am still feeding foxes.

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1 Comment

Oct 17, 2022

I see Squizz (great name) who looks like he/she is eating. Nope didn't see any birds but it sounds like you have lots visiting. Must ask my younger sis if she uses Merlin magic on her mobile.

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