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Birds and beasts

On my regular run route, I found a cow who had escaped from the field. I expect she'd walked through the river.

She seemed pretty content on the wrong side of the fence, but her calf was in the field and I predicted trouble.

The cow lowing in this video was anxious about her calf being on the wrong side of the stream! Though I actually started filming because I loved seeing another mother assiduously cleaning her baby. I felt moved by the display of maternal affection - and also by the lowing cow's maternal commitment.

Anyway, I called the Estate who said they would send the stockman to sort out the loose cow.

It's very painful to think that these babies will be steaks.

More babies further on, who do not have to fear that outcome.

The parents seemed unconcerned by the nearby heron.

But one of them, who was out foraging in the pool when I arrived, did make his or her way over to the bank when he or she spotted me. As ever, humans are regarded as the biggest threat.

My third thrill on this run was to see a hare. I doubt you can make it out, but I recorded the moment for posterity!

I do love seeing hares!

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1 Comment

Aug 07, 2022

I saw the hare! I saw the hare! I saw the hare! The ears helped and also that you took a video. Good that you phoned about the loose cow. Happy also to see the swans. Thanks for taking me on the run with you (well I was walking ...).

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