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OK, so this is uncanny.

I needed to check my Sentinel Trees on the paths to the copse. I hadn't been along here for a month as all the rain made the tracks unpleasant. Can't possibly even trot here now. And I figured I'd visit the three friend trees - the Juvenile Oak, the Veteran Oak and the Poplar. I sat with the old oak, as in the buttresses I could hide from the wind.

While I was there the tree suggested he had a name and it was Boreas. I was thinking Boris and Borias and Boreal and demurring. It's hard to hear the words. they are there as ideas only. I was giving up until I remembered that there was a name for the wind that sounded similar. Quick Google search and, yes, Boreas is the name of the North Wind.

As I read on, I saw that Aeolus is the name of the King of the Winds. And I realised that Aulus is not Aulus but Aeolus!

If only trees spoke more clearly.

Boreas, who'd told me last time not to "bring all my selfish shit", was very welcoming on this occasion.

I saw a pheasant glowing in the scrub and heard a squirrel fall off a tree. When I looked, they were at the bottom, staring at me. Then they climbed up, all cool, as though they'd never fallen.

Aside from that, a quiet day. Saw Bobbit briefly in the morning. Saw some of the crows - but the gulls got most of the food!

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1 Comment

Jan 05

I like the tree name changes. Really suits! That big flock of gulls made it hard for Divo (who looks rather forlorn about it).

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