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Cats' tales

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

The babies have some new toys. One is a scrunchy lamb for Buji who went to the vet for his vaccinations. Oh, before I leave the vet, lovely Spanish Esther-Vet told me they are two vets down and they get no applications. Vets are leaving the industry as they got shouted at during Covid and still do because prices are higher and medicines are unavailable (this seems related to Brexit). Also the non British vets have left due to Brexit. All in all, the last few years have made it tough for sick pets.

The other is this mat thing - which can also whizz round a feather on a stick. The cats like it.

Makes you feel a little queasy watching it that way up.

Never mind.

Also I got a new laser thing. The laser mouse stopped Buji from attacking Wuji (in a non injurious way) during FaceTimes and Zooms. But the batteries ran out and a rechargeable laser seemed a better long-term plan.

The cats have been, I think, even more needy than usual since Qatar and it feels tough to leave them so much for hospital and volunteering as well as work. Plus, if Wuji gets upset, none of us can sleep.

I'm hoping that the toys will help.

Else it's hard drugs.

For me.

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1 Comment

Feb 09, 2023

It's good to see the kitties in action. They are engaged with the new toy. So am I!! But I hope it helps Wuji and you all sleep better. Worth a try. That's sobering what you said about the shortage of vets.

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