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Copse notes

So, I mentioned yesterday the birds in the copse.

One special mention to the Long-tailed Tits. When they pass through, chirping and busily foraging, it's a time of real pleasure. They bustle and swing, slip around the twigs like trapeze artists, ruffle the leaves with their bustle. They seem so full of present moment joy. Always in conversation.

My tree, I have said before, is dying from the top. It only has sprouting twigs from about five feet up to maybe fifteen feet. There are others even closer to demise. Yet the leaves, with the subtlest scent still, are such a lovely green. So shiny. And the dead wood will be supporting a lot of life.

That's my tree - I think those horizontal stripes reflect a year's growth.

This is one deeper in the copse, but there's an opening, where it was starting to recover a bit until a sycamore took all the light..

This wood probably 'should' be oak and ash with hazel, hawthorn and blackthorn. There are oaks and ashes on the hedge line and the hazel too. A lot of blackthorn deep within.

In the very overgrown parts, it's like a... I don't know... like being inside a hedge.

I went in to get a twig with leaves for the Plant Dialogues workshops. I came out, with a few scratches, feeling like a real adventurer!!

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1 Comment

Jun 26, 2022

Lovely description of the tits. We have chickadees (in the same family) and they behave very much the same! And it's good to read and see more of your fav. tree.

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