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Counting rooks... and blessings

One of our tasks is to count the rooks' nests in the rookery at Pitsford.

There are quite a few. 69, as it happens.

Michael has a special method: we quarter the area, counting nests in an individual tree and marking the number on the tree. No, the adhesive doesn't stick to the bark. we tacked them in (poor trees).

This is NOT a Post-It note. It was squidgy and on a dead standing tree. I think maybe slime mold.

I enjoyed all this and afterwards we 'took five' and listened to the birds. Wren, blackcap and chiffchaff - earlier we'd heard blackbirds and robins. And rooks.

Talking of robins, the very morning after the crow (Four) talked to me, Bob (who'd been too busy singing to visit me for a few days), flew down expectantly. I put out my hand and he came. For the first time ever he touched me with his feet! He didn't land, but he didn't just hover either.

Here he's singing in my noisy suburb.

One other thing today: I was thinking about how Goethe said "All is leaf". He maintained that every part of a plant was essentially a form of the leaf.


Check out the blooms of the lilac and lily-of-the-valley.

All is leaf!

I also ascertained - I'm listening to a book about plants that is fascinating... it's also about the intelligence of the heart (sounds woo-woo but the first half is hard science) - that the leaves of flowering plants carry an essence of the scent. Taste the leaves of rose or honeysuckle if you don't believe me.

Actually, this doesn't hold true of lilac, which tastes very very bitter.

Not a general rule then. Still, honeysuckle leaves are tasty.

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1 Comment

Apr 17, 2023

I like Bob's singing. And I'd say he's adopted you. An American Robin across the street has started to sing loudly. I remember that some of Goethe's thoughts on leaves and plants are in that novel we both read - Everything the Light Touches. Is that the lilac you were worried about a couple years ago. Big buds! Are rooks a different species that the crows in your park? Lots of nests. Remember seeing them in a previous post and wondering about them. I'm sure that Post It notes have made 3M a LOT of money. 😎

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