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Crone in the zone

Clare has adopted four lambs. Sarah, Mimi, Marshmallow and Flopsy (who's just out of shot.) Sarah likes having her chest scratched. When I visited, the others were curious but not so keen on being touched. The lambs will not become lamb chops or mutton. They have a permanent home - to add to Clare's menagerie!

As Clare has 30 or so pigeons, this photo seemed appropriate.

Thinking of Clare, the hedgehog expert, I can inform you that my hog is out and about in the garden. When I put the camera out, I saw her and two cats but no fox. This was disappointing. But I think a fox does still come and did eat the dead dunnock.

As I write, 28th March, there are signs that the lilac and tree peony will be beautiful; the honeysuckle is leafing out well; some bulbs have made it through the squirrels and fence repairs and none on the bonsais are dead yet.

The last two days have rained. This afternoon, I went out to fill up the feeders and heard a little call from the hedge. Bobbit was sheltering in there. I crouched down and he hopped toward me, in subsong mode. He accepted a suet pellet and then whisper sang for five minutes just a foot or so away from me as the rain poured down. I looked at him and he looked at me and I just soaked in the feeling of being close and connected by strands of song.

In the zone, indeed.

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1 Comment

Apr 12

Lucky lambs to find a home with Clare! Pretty pigeon against the blue. Happy you saw the hog. Enjoyed your rainy day interaction with Bobbit. All good.

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