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Crow art

They really are popular.

I have mentioned before the excellent June Hunter, whose crow calendar hangs on my wall, and whose pictures I shamelessly copy.

I did tell her.

But she's not alone.

Do a Google search. Oh, it's alright. I've done it for you. Click here. And click here for crow books.

In my crow feeding, I have come across as many crow advocates as I have naysayers - and they are usually fretting about their dogs eating the peanuts.

People usually recognise them as intelligent and sometimes as playful (playing chase with dogs). They are also encouraged by their bravery - how close they will come when they know you. And how they recognise you.

But the sheer blackness, the carrion eating, the fierce bill and habit of mobbing - crows have a dark side.

Maybe that is appealing too. They are like us. Smart generalists who look after number one?

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