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Crow show

I know this is long, but I was excited to see Diva steal Divo's cache and seem to hide some of his food in a new place. It was also interesting to capture Divo's pigeon deterrence. It looks like it could be injurious, but that pigeon is a smart cookie and waited it out.

When I go to the park, it's not just the crows who recognise me. There's a robin who asks for food, the pigeons watch me and fly to perch above me and the gulls swarm around me. They can all recognise individual humans - this is, I must add, before I have started delivering food. It's ME they recognise, not the act of throwing out peanuts. I feel self-conscious walking around the park with crows cawing at me and gulls circling my head and following in my wake.

I haven't seen the squirrels on the last couple of visits, mind. And, I recalled the other day, that the kestrel disappeared again after only a few months hanging round the park. Kites regularly circle - today a crow was chasing one. The starlings was calling in their large flock at the top of the line of lime trees. I didn't see the thrushes. There have been four.

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Feb 25

Always good to find out what's going on at the park. Lots of interesting adventures. Yes the pigeon persevered. Good video. I'm glad you made that point that all the birds "know" you -- it's not just the crows.

Feb 26
Replying to

Lots to observe - the interactions that you are part of.

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