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Crows are generalists

This follows on from yesterday's musings.

In stable states, the specialists can succeed. Your polar bears and pandas. Times get tougher when they are a-changing and the generalists swoop in.

We don't tend to value the generalists. Crows and foxes, coyotes and rats, grey squirrels and blue tits. We want the specialist dormice and willow tits, red squirrels and tree sparrows.

Your jack of all trades is no master - or mistress (!) - and hence earns little respect.

But who'd you want to be on a desert island with, a GP-jack or a specialist in pancreatic cancer?

Enough of my self-defense.

Four was with Droopy and Three today - he no longer looks so small and scruffy. Two of the Divine kids were there - one of them was White Wing. I wonder if Divo is her father? One of the Feisties had wings like that - a crow that one of the rec's maintenance people said he'd seen around there for years. Maybe Diva had a dalliance? That said, the other kid there with them today also has a pale stripe under his wings. Poor Divo - I have set him up as a cuckold. Maybe he suspects something, as I watched him peck White Wing away from the food. She only jumped back and quickly returned for more.

On the subject of drawing, I had signed up for a mammal drawing day in November and was very much looking forward to it. But I have been offered some pretty well paid work across five weekends and money talks louder than artistic ambition. And, in my case, is more realistic. Still, I am sad to have had to cancel.

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That's a very spiffy 15-minute crow! Good crow report. Neat what the maintenance man said. Some white certainly helps for noticing. I noticed on my walk this morning that my local street crows are looking sleek and shiny again. Time goes by fast but it only seems like a couple of weeks since they were molting. The new feathers must grow in quickly!


Mine still look a bit scruffy....well, Divo does but he always was!!!

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