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I did not dream that I would still be doing this four years down the line from that first day in 2020 when the pandemic ended my work for months.

Remember all the philosophy in those early posts? The long run from John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty"?

Since I started, two close friends have died - dearest Linda and Issi. Jabi has died. My father has had a stroke. Simba the car died too. I have known and lost CD and come to love Bobbit, dunnocks and a host of trees. I have bonsai poplars in the garden.

I've done a year as a Volunteer Reserve Officer for the Wildlife Trust. I've found setts for the Badger Trust and reported on trees for the Woodland Trust. Worked on a EURO, a Women's World Cup and a Men's World Cup. And the Commonwealth Games. I started working on rugby occasionally and a general magazine show.

I've started and quit an MSt. Had a paper published. Presented my work on various occasions. Made a film and have another paper under peer review. Been invited to Austria and maybe Finland.

Love? Well... drawn a blank there. Art and poetry had a downturn. But I picked up photography again!


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Apr 01

Thanks for sharing this blog ; "2000" eh -- that's a lot of posts. Your posts are good company and an important part of my day, and I think you know that. Congratulations on your many accomplishments over the last four years and I wish you well with future endeavours and I expect you will have many more stories to tell.

I'm impressed by your photos and videos these last several months. The different images in this post - for example, of the feather and water, are so beautiful and an example of how you experimenting with technique and creating wonderful art.


Apr 01
Replying to

Thank you so much xxxxxx

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