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Every step is a revelation

It was meant to be a run. But I got distracted.

I still have no idea what that thing was. As for the ravens, I am sure because the Merlin app told me so. I saw the pair again later. The first time, both circled over at me, looking at me and I felt like a character in a Norse Saga, as though they, Huginn and Muninn, would lead me into adventure. Or to safety.

Outside the island in the middle of the ploughed field, the soil glittered with horse chestnuts.

A few days before I had seen how excited Mrs Squizz was when I left one in the garden. She took that rather than the peanuts. So, I filled my pockets with conkers.

She was thrilled.

After this, she returned, picked up a peanut in its shell and then saw a conker. Somehow, she picked it up with her hands, stuffed it between her teeth, in front of the monkey nut and started to scamper off. She then noticed another conker and started to pick it up before realising there was no way she could carry it.

Back to the walk, and I passed a glorious old ash.

The wind in ash leaves makes a wonderful sound - the leaves so light and flexible. I seldom feel ashes have much to say, but this one told me that ashes are "soothing medicine." Fair enough.

Then I reached the old oak tree - I didn't speak at this point on the video as I was too busy being awe-struck.

What has fallen is more weight of timber than most entire trees I see. I mentioned the Cheerful Oak's comment about resisting precipitous impulses, and the Lightning-strike Oak said, rather huffily, "Why do you insist on regarding us as all the same? We are individuals, you know. And besides, I am much, much older. No one will ever know as much as me about living here and now."

Obviously, I was apologetic.

The rabbit remains remained on the fallen branch. Looking like a ghost rabbit in flight.

The LO told me to sit on the branch. I didn't want to touch the rabbit and was also a bit wary of climbing up there. "Don't be so pathetic," said the tree. "Get on it and sit down. Stop whining and start breathing."

I did as he said. Feeling rather brow-beaten.

"This," said LO, "is what life is. Attending, experiencing, being. Then you give. I give of my wood and my acorns. You give in your thoughts, compassion and actions. That is how you strengthen your spirit and become worthy of the life you have been gifted."

Who can argue with an 800-year-old oak tree?

And he keeps on giving.

Every step on this walk felt like a revelation. As though each moment were a pearl beyond price. Each moment is a pearl beyond price. The secret is in recognising that.

It is a lesson Bobbit teaches me every day.

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Oct 31, 2023

Glad you're seeing ravens. That's a very weird gooey, gross-looking jelly-like thing! Laughed when you touched it and squealed 😅) ...The rabbit-ghost looks like it's still running!! Good conversation with LO.

Good to see and hear dear Son of Bob. I will try to follow the lesson instructions (even when I'm tired and dispirited I will keep trying. Thanks Bobbit.) xx

Oct 31, 2023
Replying to

Yes, you are probably right. 😀

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