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Happiness, more or less...

I thought of this title and it reminded me of a song by The Verve.

I loved this band, back in the day. And so many others! Razorlight! Snow Patrol! Massive Attack!

Radiohead. 10,000 Maniacs. The Reindeer Section. Hootie & the Blowfish. The Editors. So many more... Oh what was that Welsh woman....Catatonia, that's it.

Before that, I loved dance music - Soul II Soul and Black Box and a load of bands I can't even remember.

One of my favourite tunes now, I copied from a friend's recording and never knew the band or the title. The CD had a couple of songs I did track down... Anna Nalick's Breathe...

Hungry by Kosheen...

And Mushaboom by Feist...

Oh!! And this on...

But anyway, this other one that I love best I still can't track down. I have it on my music app, but I wish I knew... Just been trawling and came across a lot of thinks that I liked in the serach... the music is celtic or gaelic... checked out some stuff of that ilk and really liked them... but not "my' song.

I will share this though... it's beautiful.

Anyway, now I have lost track of not just the track but of what I had wanted to say.

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1 commento

19 set 2023

Happy cats! I've listened to the last video so far. Magical. Looking forward to the others. Thanks.

Mi piace
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