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Home and away

They continue to entertain me. And I heard a new noise. So far there's the bark-bark-bark-SQUEAL and the chittering growl, the new one is a huffy sound they make to each other. Two were sharing a pile of peanuts: one would take a nut and then back off to eat it while the other took one. This back-and-forth was punctuated by the huffy sound. It was a new one to me.

I've mentioned how much they like conkers, the home squirrels, here's evidence of that.

The ones in the park seemed more interested in the crow food. Here's a full park report.

This makes me suspect that the home and park squirrels are different squirrels.

All this fuss about the wild animals, you must think that the cats are getting a raw deal. Not so. Amazon supply delights for domestic kitties.

Both cats are lying on my lap, which makes using a laptop tricky. They are also putting pressure on a knee made tender by tree climbing. Ah well, they rule this roost. Inside, at any rate.

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1 Comment

Nov 06, 2023

Great fun seeing everyone in action 😄 !

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