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Home for Christmas

She's back!

Not CD, though the Stranger still could be CD, but this was a definite sighting of the ever-distinctive White Wing! Not that you can really tell from the video. You'll have to trust me.

I was excited to see her as the whole thing about calcium deficiency had worried me. But now I think as I thought before that this is genetic coloration.

Divo and Divo chased her off, but the Flyings were marginally tolerant. I wonder if parents are less likely to welcome their children?? Or if Divo is an especially grumpy dad. Oh... of course, they were last year's fledglings, rather than this year's. I saw none this year.

Maybe they just didn't bring them to the park. I hope that's the case.

The Driveways still lose their food to the squirrels. The Unbraves have suggested that if I put it in the middle of the park, they have a better chance as the squirrels like to stay close to cover. The Playgrounds are back on a regular basis. As are the gulls. The Divines and Flyings have to be especially wary of the gulls.

The fox still seems to be visiting the garden, but I've not put out the camera for a while. Too many rat videos and the download process seems very time consuming.

In the garden, I hear goldfinches a lot, which is charming (bad pun). I haven't seen the magpies in the garden for a while and haven't seen the jays since late summer.

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1 Comment

Dec 23, 2023

I think I could see the white wings on White Wing!

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