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Honeysuckle feeders and other creatures

While this blue tit is doing a leap of faith, I have seen them hanging from the honeysuckle flowers to feed on the nectar! It's quite something.

Very sedate feeding here - this tit is standing in the hanging feeder.

Good news in that I hadn't seen the young blackbird for quite a while and so it was a relief to catch a glimpse. In fact, I might now be mistaking this for Mrs B, by not noting the colour of the beak carefully. The fledgling's isn't fully yellow.

Talking of fully yellow, I got some nice close and personals of this male blackbird. I think this is Mrs B's mate... but maybe not.

In late May, Mr and Mrs B were often visiting together, grabbing up beakfuls of food - so I guess they have a new nestful of hungry little ones.

Sometimes they seem tolerant of me. Often they come out as soon as they see me. But if I surprise them, boy, do they let the neighbourhood know!

I think about the young birds, once the parents stop feeding them. Totally out on their own in a not-very-welcoming world. I hate to scare them and try to have my energy soft, my gaze tranquil and to move slowly.

Oh, and the tits, well, I have seen some very small blue tits with sort of dark stripes or blotches on their faces. I thought they must be young ones. The tits were fluttering-wing courting again recently, so I don't think they've finished. Though the ones at the Reserve have a single clutch, Len Howard said those in her garden had two, three and very occasionally four. I wonder if gardens offer more food and maybe safety, enabling them to have more clutches? I'm not sure I'll be able to tell.

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1 Comment

Jun 24

Good to see a leaping tit pic. And also good to see the young blackbird. I bet honeysuckles have lots of nectar.

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