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How to shape a lovely view

This bench offers a view over an area of reeds, water and willow. It's a place where kingfishers can be seen.

Here lies the problem. Just twenty yards away is a screen from which birdwatchers and photographers can watch the kingfishers. When people come and sit on the bench, the elusive kingfishers fly away and that's it for the birders and photographers.

So, the plan was to build a viewing screen in front of the bench.

Here's the first part of the work completed.

Two ten foot poles buried two feet in the earth, with feather boards making a screen with a large viewing hole.

We took it in turns painting the front and digging two further holes for posts that will form the sides of the screen.

By the end of the day, we four had four posts in place - but the rest of the screen will have to be installed at a later date.

The guys were still able to enjoy the view!

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