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In the land of the trees...

What a simply wonderful day!!! It was, essentially, a guided tour around Sulehay. The topic was 'scrub-bashing' - how and why we remove scrub, even though scrub is not bad... it's just that we want to maintain some earlier succession habitat. We did some pulling out hawthorn.

I focused, though, on the trees.... What trees!!

Check out this willow! Now that is a convoluted tree-being if ever I saw one!

And how about this willow as a residential district?

This is a Crone Throne of exceptional proportions.

What architecture!

This is a glorious copper beech. I love these - there was one i could see from my bedroom window in our first family house. he meant 'home' to me.

But this, if you can make it out from the photo, is really amazing.

The branch of one ash fell into the V between branches of another ash - and fused there. Ian and Claire say they think this branch is getting nutrition from both mother and surrogate. Will he share any genetic material? Will he respond any differently to ash die-back?

Finally, a new Indie group... Wild4Life...

Photos taken by Ian Hilbert.

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1 Comment

Feb 11, 2023

I've been enjoying the photos. They and the trees are works of art! Glad a good day was had. And that's a cool Wild4Life group 😎 !!

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