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In the middle of a dark wood...

I went for a short trot... and stopped when the great oak called me.

I sat against a buttress. Feeling safe here.

So safe that I could expose my face.

Under the oak, is a shelter. I could not tell who uses it, apart from fungi.

Before, I had seen so many hundreds of acorns under this tree. Now only cups remain.

I walked deeper into the copse - possible now that the nettles have died back. I noticed a strange thing: so many of the poplars had a native tree - hawthorn or ash - growing right next to them, right tight next to them.

This seems strange to me... as though the poplar is doing something for these younger trees, who have not grown in the space between them.

Poplars are apparently 'greedy' - taking up much water and nutrients. But then... maybe where the roots are not actively growing - around the base of the tree - they are not draining the soil of its goodness, and close by is the only place where saplings can survive??

Or maybe the saplings took advantage of dying poplars. Check out this ash - which is more ivy than ash.

Though the ash lives on, the trunk seems totally hollow.


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