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It's my birthday and...

One day I hardly saw him. There was a robin in the honeysuckle, but they were not entirely forthcoming.

The next morning, just a robin singing next door. But no little person taking suet pellets and being all cute.

So I went out after lunch. In hope. And there he was.

I was so pleased to see him.

There's an orang utan who loves making knots.

She makes knots and makes things out of the knotted rope and then she unknots it. The researchers believe she is creating shapes. That she has an instinctive understanding of geometry. Me, I think it's like subsong. Creation. A world making exercise... Doodles that are both free and an expression of self. The unravelling, just as a song fades away, suggests, to me, that selves are created in the moment and then dissolve away.... becoming is as much about the un-creating, the silence, the not-self as it is about the creating, the song, the self. It is never about an icon, an artefact. Knotting is not about knots.


Whatever all that means.

There is a YouTube channel dedicated to Wattana, the knotter. All this is referred to in Vinciane Despret's What Would Animals Say if We Asked the Right Questions?

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1 Comment

Dec 27, 2023

Happy Birthday!

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