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It's nesting time

Updated: May 6, 2023

These days I seldom see much of the crows. Usually just the male Driveway and Divo.

On this occasion Mrs Driveway was there too, but when I came back just the one was picking up as much as he could possibly carry.

Divo now does not accept the young anywhere near the food and I have not seen Diva.

I saw all three of them - but Divo didn't even want them on the bottom edge of the park. I left food but don't know if they'll get it.

I also left food for the Flyings and Playgrounds as well as the Unbraves (who still allow Four to be with them). But no one was keen to land. That one stray crow was flying around over the park and they all take exception to her. I do think it might be my CD.

The park is busier now that the weather is milder - and that's off-putting to crows already anxious as they are nesting. The atmosphere is tense.

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2 則留言


If only ...

Nesting Season

C.D. looks down

(flies alone) --

would help with

auntie chores

if they allow


OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! If only!!!!!😥

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