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Di captioned this photo: Reasons to be happy

Too true! Funny as today I am sure I saw the same lamb standing on the same ewe. I am sure it was number 60.

Another reason to be happy is baby Ruby - another of Di's pictures.

There is also a baby boy now.

His mother is nine years old and this is her first calf! Incredible. She was gently lowing to him so he knows her voice.

The ewes bleat softly to their lambs as well and so when they make an alarm call, the babies rush over from wherever they have been playing.

The lambs don't seem to recognise their mothers so easily by sight or smell and the ewes don't always respond to the lambs bleating, but usually when the ewe bleats, the lamb responds. And drinks.

What I loved today was seeing lambs play. They seem to have formed friendships with particular others and they love exploring!

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1 Comment

May 01, 2023

Thanks Di for the photos. Very interesting how the communications work between Mom & kids.

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