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Mrs. B

She seems to appear whenever I go into the garden and will actually hop quite close to me, as you'll see in the video.

The other evening, I went out to leave the fox food and Bobbit appeared. I could hear some high pitched whistles and knew it was Mrs. B. I looked around and then saw she was high in the cherry tree squeaking at me for suet pellets.

If there are eggs, I suppose the male and female take it in turns and so she will get out of the nest.. But she certainly seems hungry.

Not to forget, here's Mr B.

The male blackbird pursuit thing seems to have abated - usually these days I only see one male. He's got an impressive beak-ful there.

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(22. 4.)

It's a major treat to see all these photos with different views of Mrs B. I love the top one - the pose and the lighting. And I'm glad you two are developing an understanding.

To se mi líbí
(25. 4.)
Reakce na

Yes, I notice with the robins.

To se mi líbí
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