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Myna, all myna!

It turns out there's a bar at the top of the International Broadcast Centre. Using it might cost more than I am earning, but in the day time the trees are full of little doves, sparrows and the unknown bird which I think is a common myna.

I am suffering mild... no... moderate and at times extreme nicotine deficiency which may be making me more churlish than usual.

In this frame of mind I decided that conversations often seem to be people telling each other things that they both already know, believe or assume and then agreeing with each other about the verity of these claims. It's all about the rightness of 'me' and 'my' world view. Or 'us' and 'our' world view.

What a waste of time, I thought. Though I guess this is the social glue... that's what small talk is about.

No wonder I am glued to no one.

Imagine it if I said, 'Of course, the life of this common myna is as valuable as your life.' Or if I said, 'Do you want your dietary habitats to contribute to global collapse?' Or if I said, 'Do you think you are innocent of rights violations when you buy cheap imported goods made by underpaid workers?' Or if I said, 'Do you realise how devastatingly superficial this interaction is?'

How to lose friends and alienate people.

So I have become the surly silent person in the corner. I can just about tolerate myna own company.

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1 Comment

Dec 09, 2022

The common myna is in the startling family - I just discovered.

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