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Mystery.... and more trees

Why is there a plot of daffodils on a random hill with only a so-so view?

I think it must have been a dead person's favourite walk. This track can be a part of various circular walks. At the bottom is that dead wood I visited. Maybe the view was nicer before all the trees died.

Sticking with the gruesome, I found these today.

The first two may be slime mold! I can't tell you where I found them. The nice bugs were near the skellington.

Not death, but some minor destruction. This is 'The Killer Oak'.

It nearly killed Michael by dropping a branch as he was walking by. He heard the CREEEEEAK and stopped. Just in time. Handsome tree, though.

Almost as handsome as this one.

What's cool is that this tree - in between two plantations of pines - is down an avenue of silver birch and chestnut. Someone clearly considered it a real destination.

One of the chestnuts is doing the lovely twisty trunk thing that they do.

On the subject of special trees, the Reserve boasts a mature elm.

The one behind. I think.

And now that the water level is at its highest, many of the trees have their feet in the water.

And while on trees and some dark things, I want to share this poem by Rilke...

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1 Comment

Apr 04, 2023

A wonderful assortment of daffodil mystery, trees, stories and small things. I don't know my Rilke very well. That poem is perfect. Great ending.

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