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No animals were harmed

This is the best thing EVER!!!!

YES!!!!! BABY WORMS!!!!!!

There were at least two in this teaspoon of soil. They are so adorable. If you like that kind of thing. Which I do.

Next up, well... stuff. Growths on the edge of some dead wood; part of a creature; maybe a grub and something potentially growing.

In addition, I saw something very, very small. Maybe this is a springtail? Probably a baby mite or some other thing. Maybe one of the non pigmented soil mesofauna.

CC has written a super haiku which fits perfectly with this theme:

roll the rotted log

and small creatures scurry --

return their sky gently

I finish with a kind of strange beauty.

Lichen. Symbiosis. Algae and fungi in harmony.

Oh, one more thing: this is the set-up.

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1 comentario

27 ene 2023

Dear Crone - I've had my first look through what miracles of life in the soils. Gives me a sense of the immensity of the soil biosphere when all these bits of life (and more) are in that small bag. Looks like soil mites in the last 2 vids - esp. the one to the right. Lovely baby worms. Love the motions of the critters. Things to do and places to go :-) You've caught some lovely visuals and yes the lichen one and all of them are art, really. Thanks for using my haiku and thanks for showing the set up. Where I used to work they had something like that. Thanks for post. Beautiful way to start…

Me gusta
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