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Not all mistakes are bad

For some reason, I love these images. I guess I like them for the same reason I like "happy accidents" in watercolour painting, when the paints merge in unexpected ways. It's a long time since I have experienced one of those happy accidents.

Not all mistakes are bad.

I like thinking about this. How maybe you don't have to pay every time you screw up. Indeed, on occasion, you might be rewarded.

I'm now trying to recall a happy accident.


I think I made a mistake in moving my horse Jet from the first yard where I had him. Actually, it was a mistake to buy Jet, much as I loved him for many years. Anyway, as a result of all the many horse mistakes, probably starting even before I bought Jet, I came to the way I currently think about animals. And I don't think I would have written the papers and presentations that I have written had I not made all the mistakes that led me to ponder our relationship with other animals.

That feels a little forced. I'm really trying to think of the small ones... Like say, because by mistake you broke a small pot, you released a genie and were granted three wishes. Somewhat unlikely. But those small mistakes is what I'm trying to think of. Taking the wrong turn on a journey and thereby seeing a wonderful old tree. That kind of thing. Must happen all the time, though we forget. We should not forget. We should remember so that we don't overemphasise all the costly mistakes. Which are probably as few and far between as the happy accidents. Most are just "meh".

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Mar 23

Yes, I see what you mean about the tit photos -- they do catch something unusual, the blurs are like the blurs of a painting. Interesting observations about "happy accidents". I was trying to think of some small ones when I was out on my walk. And found it hard to remember the small ones. The last one was seeing the black fox again this morning through the window. I stood close to the window and then shouted to B. to come see. And the fox stopped digging in the flower bed because he heard me of course, and probably saw me -- and he nonchalantly but quickly went on his way, and out of sight. So I learned somethin…

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