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Not dead!!

One day, I found blackbird feathers at the back of the garden where I found the dead dunnock. I was terrified that Mrs B's husband had been taken. I didn't see him all that day or the next morning and then was greeted with this!

It looked as though someone may have taken a claw to him, but he was alive and well... and on alarm.

The reason for his angry state was bathing in the sun next door.

The cat's presence was especially upsetting for the birds, because guess who was in the back lilac?

A baby blackbird!

Later that day I heard loud bird calls...

And then I heard a cat mew. I went outside to shoo the cat away, thinking it was the neighbours' cat. But I saw a stray, I think, and he mewed at me. I felt awful. I was worried for the birds, but so sad for the cat. I couldn't get him and ended up coming back inside.

The next morning, Baby B was again in the lilac.

Only a mother could love him. Or a father. Though he's rather cuter here.

It turned out that there were more. At least two in total, but I think four.

These guys are watching Buji through the conservatory window.

The father shepherded them away.

What pleased me was that neither parent seemed concerned about me and only alarmed when a cat was close.

I've noticed that as well as missing some chest feathers, Mr B seems to have lost part of his tail.

Still, the family has grown.

But, it's not all good news. The box moth caterpillars have now killed my two box bushes.

I cut them down, which was a procedure of great interest to a small red-breasted fellow.

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07 may

What an exciting, action-packed post! Did any birds consider eating those caterpillars? Maybe they taste bad.

Me gusta
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