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Not every day is a good news day

After I filmed this, I saw a crow fly in and there was a chase. As I watched I thought... no, not a chase - PLAY! And was happy. The birds landed together, close together, but then one flew off and it was one of the Driveways, not a Divine. So I left Dark Wing alone.

I hope I see his family tomorrow.*

More bad news. I left a sample of wood on my kitchen counter for a few days and when I looked at it through the microscope, I saw this...

Horrid. Whatever it is. Now outside.

The wood looked... well, is this beetle poo?

Things seem to last a long time away from the wood. This soil had been in a bag for about four days.

Did you see the tiny thing??

The other bad news is that I 'hung up a tree'. I felled it, but it was hooked up in other trees. you can't leave them like that in case they fall on a pedestrian. It took Mischa and Michael half an hour to extract it. Plus my felling cuts were bad. Plus I was killing trees. Plus I'd maintained my saw poorly. M&M were so kind to me. Mischa was just lovely. I actually cried as I felt so awful about wasting her time and causing a problem.

So, let's try to end with something peaceful.

Shame about the traffic, but the birds and view are delightful.

And something... pretty from the microscope.

*I did see the parents and then two young - Dark Wing and Grey Wing.

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1 Comment

Feb 23, 2023

Good about the crows. Yes, I did see the wee white creature. Lovely videos of birds & views.

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