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Odd day with the corvids

It had rained hard all morning, so when I went out, the birds were pleased to be able to resume their business and the crows were all eager for food: the Flyings, the Driveways, the Brave Three and the Divines.

The Divines had all three kids again... no, wait, there were FOUR. I kept looking and counting. They weren't chasing anyone away.... I couldn't make sense of it.

But this seemed to lead to a huge kerfuffle. The spare crow went to pillage from the Flyings who attacked aggressively. That set everyone off. The Brave Three chased the Flyings, the Divines got involved... and I still didn't know who this extra crow was or where it belonged.

It had a bit out of one wing - like CD did. For a minute, I was hopeful, but it seemed smaller that CD - a juvenile rather than an adult. And I remembered a spare crow that used to fly around last year - it seemed to be affiliated with the Feisties, whom I have not seen.

No answers.

The next day, when I went to feed them, the Divines had their usual three kids. Droopy was very brave - unusually so - and she begged to me,at least I thought it was that... Twice she opened her beak wide, with her head a little up from horizontal, but her body low... It was similar to what I saw CD do and I interpreted as 'flirting' with Three. Droopy made no noise.

All in all, odd.

How will I cope without crows, cats, chainsaws and my blasted vape when I am in Qatar???

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Your wonderful crow report at the park makes me think of an alien visiting Earth trying to figure out the whats and whys and whos of human society :-) !! I wish you all the very best during your time in Qatar. You're an old hand at World Cups. Hope the time goes by quickly for you xxx

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