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OK, so I never really saw the horses and the falcons...

I know: I did see the horses in the stables near the Souq and the falcons in the shop, but that wasn't really what I had imagined.

Nor did I make it to Torba Farm. Or out into the dunes.

Instead, I found a great vegan eatery - Evergreen Organics. If you're ever in Doha, drop by. The food is amazing and the service is excellent. Not cheap. But very little is here.

And I went to Katara Cultural Village. There were various football related exhibitions, as well as some rather nice paintings... of horses and falcons.

Away from the horses and falcons, there were other pieces I enjoyed.

I believe these are all Qatari artists.

Outside, on the beach, men repaired nets and built dhows.

Groups played traditional music and danced. there were craft stalls and antique stalls. An Iraqi man gave me a cup of Arabic tea. And scores of skydivers and microlite pilots performed above the coast.

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