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Pleasures of the park

I wrote yesterday about how Bobbit helps me get through the day. I remember going to the park feeling depressed and longing to see CD and, as if by magic, she appeared and everything was bearable. I still miss CD, though the park still has its pleasures. I get totally lost watching the crows and the gulls, the pigeons and the squirrels. There is one robin who looks out for me where I feed the Unbraves. I captured him and much of the other goings on in this slideshow.

As you see from the date, this was a while back. It was a good day for the photography as I also made a slideshow of the garden birds.

The best bit, though, was watching some of the robin courtship. You'll have to wait a while for the videos as I am further ahead on YouTube than I am here.

Mind you, this video does offer a glimpse of Tiny, Bobbit's love interest.

While I was in the garden, I did some tidying - that generated a lot of Bobbit company. Sweeping, pruning and cleaning under where the birds feed. For goodness knows how long, food had dropped into the base of a little conifer thing. I decided to cut off the low branches and clear the mess. OMG. It was... alive... there were these incredible shoelace strands of fungi. And they were so strong! I had to hack at the matted stuff with my little trowel. Some very fat worms were there, I tried not to hack them. But it was incredible. This whole world of decomposing-coming into being.

In other news... and back to park subjects, I am reading Thom van Dooren's The Wake of Crows, which is brilliant. He is a "field philosopher"... which means he thinks with others and in places. Looking at his website, I saw a link to an Urban Field Naturalist project and I watched one of the contributions. Please, watch the film on this page. It is slow, but it is stunning.... wow.

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07 mar

I enjoyed the post. Pigeons, squirrels, crows, many animal-people. I watched the fox film - quite moving. I want to follow up some of the links on the crow book guy's web page, but first I need a nap ... zzzz xx

Me gusta
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