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Sing, sang, song

Now, I do think Bobbit has a lovely voice, but I think his song is still immature. Look, I am not criticising, but, let's face it, he's still only a few months old. I am sure it will develop and I still love to hear him.

I have a feeling he's spending a bit less time with me these days, but nearly every time I go out, he shows up, albeit briefly. And on this occasion, instead of singing next door, he sang from my lilac, so I recorded him and covered the video with recent images of him and Mrs Squizzel.

Once I had that song recorded, yes, with road noise in the background, I decided to take a closer look at it on my audio recording software. It starts off sporadic, with the phrases separated by silence. As the song progresses, the gaps decrease and the song seems to increase in complexity.

On this next video, I have played a phrase normal speed and then slowed it. After a while, this got fiddly, so I slowed a longer section. In this longer section, where the song is more complex, there are some really eerie sounds, once you slow them down and lower the pitch.

What would be very interesting is to record some other robins - I now notice them so readily - and compare the sonograms and the phrases.

I wonder if you can determine age and region from song... I bet you can.

OK, so I have recorded another robin - and I think you can tell that this song is more fluent.

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12 Οκτ 2023

Enjoyed the videos, especially the first. Liked how you included Squirrel. My "ear" is mediocre so I'm glad that you added text with your thoughts on the sounds and what you did with the frequencies. I hope to get better at hearing.

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