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Sitting in the Morrigan Oak

I returned to the cool tree I discovered the other day.

I sat up there for some time thinking about a project that I am working on.

It's about animals and language, communication between species. I am writing about CD and Bobbit and the other garden creatures. I'm using film from my iPhone and the trail camera.

One issue I have is the way that cameras invade privacy. They can objectify the other. They can become a commodity - another video on my YouTube feed, to spool in subscribers and get comments. They can be amusing - when the animals might have been scared or confused. They can trivialise.

Another concern is this: who am I to interpret what an animal intends to communicate? What right do I have to put words in their mouths?

As I sat in the tree I felt an answer.

And here, recorded, is that answer... along with the lovely birds.

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Dec 01, 2023

Raising questions. Encouraging awareness of already shared spaces. Feels worthwhile to me xx

Dec 02, 2023
Replying to

Thank you xx

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